Protecting Your Garden

Harness your Accomplishments

Spring is here and you spend several days perfecting your summer vegetable and flower gardens. You have plants in this garden and you are depending on fresh vegetables for your winter food supply. You are proud of your accomplishment then you peek out the window and see a deer walking around in your back yard. She is heading for your garden. The greens are beginning to peek out of the ground and you were just beginning to get excited about them. The deer turns her head to look towards your window. She blinks her eye as to say. “I don’t need to ask to go in your garden”. You watch as she turns and begins to walk into the garden. She bends to take a bite of the fresh cabbage plants you planted a few weeks ago. She nibbles each plant top until it is scarce. You are frozen. Standing there befuddled and watching as this doe ruins your garden. What to do? You jump to your feet, grab your broom handle, and run out the back door yelling at the doe as she takes flight and runs towards the woods. Looking down, you feel a frown as you think of the hard work. You feel sad as you think of the damage she did in just a couple of minutes.

The morning comes and you get in your car to head to the lumber yard. You begin by picking out the perfect lumber for a fence or hiring an expert. Below is the list of items you may need to purchase to protect your garden from the little baby deer. These materials should give you a good size fence when you finish building it.


  • 12- 4x4x8 treated lumber
  • 6 bags of post concrete
  • 1-100 foot roll of chicken wire that is 6 ft high
  • 10 lbs. U nails
  • 2 hinges for gate
  • 4-2x4x8 for gate
  • one hook and latch for the gate
  • hammer
  • shovel
  • wheel barrel to mix concrete

Keeping Out the Animals

You take the time to build your fence. The posts are sitting in cement. This means it will be here each year to keep the deer out. The fence is going to be 6 feet tall so it will keep most animals from jumping the fence to get to your garden. If a bigfoot runs up to your garden, the fence will keep him out of the tomatoes.

Protecting your garden from bunnies is easy if you install a small fence. The fence needs to be under the dirt a little so the bunny or a dog does not dig his way under the fence. Bunnies love greens so you may want to cover the fence in noise makers as well. Cans or pie pans tied to strings will clank during the day or night. The wind catches noisemakers and bangs them up against the fence making noise that scares small animals away.

A 6-foot high wood fence around your yard will keep most anything out. Fences need to have a gate and maybe even a lock. The gate makes it easy for you to get in and out of the fence as you desire. Locks will allow you to put anything in your yard or garden to protect it.

Fences are great when you have small pets and small children. You are able to lock the small animals or small children in or keep the same out. If you have a swimming pool in your yard, you should put a fence up to keep people out. Trespassers and yeti must remain out of your yard and pool unless you invite them to partake of either.