About Me

Hi friends! I established my nursery 1990. I love gardening. It started as a hobby and one day I decided to take it as my full-time profession. My plants nursery has numerous varieties and kinds of flowers and plants. I work with a team of plant-passionate people. We are mostly referred as plant people in our region. I feel proud to own this nickname. My plant nursery is running successfully, and I should say it is because of our determination and hard work.

As we love our work, we do not work by seeing the time or day. We will visit our nursery whenever we feel like. It can be a midnight, late evening or early morning. My nursery business is growing day by day, and we have provided plants to more than one million customers. We distribute our flowers, plants and seeds to neighboring and other small nurseries.

I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge and tips to plant lovers. I thought this website would serve as a great channel to connect me with plant lovers. I am sure you will enjoy my blogs and posts. Please keep reading and sharing in your social media channels. If you have doubts, questions or issues, please call me anytime. You can also send me a mail or message me in my Facebook account. Please share your suggestions and comments for my blog. I am looking forward to adding video contents so that it will be more useful for you. Thank you guys for stopping at my website.